A serious problem: Conceptualization paradox

A serious problem: Conceptualization paradox

I am not going to write a narrative in this paper, I will just try to raise awareness of a problem that we suffer today, which is conceptualization paradox.

Have you ever noticed that humans tend to conceptualize every single problem?

Poverty, famine, unequal distribution of income, wage gap, scarcity, obesity, depression, monday syndrome, narcissism, inferiority complex, egoism, paranoid, cancer, economic crisis, ethnicity problems, racism, all the problems humans have both psychologically or physically…

Do you think that all these issues originate from Capitalism, Socialism, politics, governments or Humanism?

Giving all these severe problems to a single term and hiding our egos and responsible conscience behind these terms/statements, I believe, are serious psychological problems.

We always hear hateful comments about the aforementioned stupid human-invented terms/statements, particularly Capitalism.

Let’s look at an example to make it easier to comprehend.

Think about a four year old child and his toy. Let’s say this toy’s name is Cherry, and it is in a really bad situation due to this little boy’s violent attitude. However, he always complains about little concepts that he creates in his own little brain.

Even though the real problem is his attitude towards this little toy, he starts complaining and blaming terms/concepts for everything. Isn’t that behavior ignorant? This is acceptable only for a four year-old child, because he basically hides his spoiled and naughty behavior under these terms and statements that he creates in his own little brain. Basically, his brain is incapable of comprehending this conceptualization paradox. Unfortunately we face the exact same problem in our daily lives, as well. Everywhere is full of hatred towards these aforementioned concepts and terms!

I believe that it (attributing problems to the concepts) is a serious psychological problem because this seems to be the only way to justify ourselves.

It is quite an easy way to sit in front of the TV and to sip our coffees from our extremely large cups and complain about Capitalism!

That is unfortunately the only way to forget or to ignore our responsibilities.

How can we even dare to say this while we are doing charity for narcissistic pleasures!

I apologize for being so straightforward about the issue, but the problem is obvious.

Let’s go back to our metaphorical instance:

The little boy obviously represents human beings, us. His toy represents the mentioned

Problems. His imaginative and fictitious concepts stand for Capitalism or concepts that we create in our own brains like the four year old child in the example.

Problems are inside of us, troubles are inside of us. We will never find a solution to these serious problems, unless we stop being mean to each other and comprehend our psychologically bad behaviors and attitudes towards each other…

Finally, I’d like to ask out of curiosity, when are we going to stop addressing our complaints and accusations to Capitalism? Capitalism is not a conscious being. It is basically a concept/term which is invented by humans, just like Socialism and Communism. We just keep falling prey to this conceptualization paradox by complaining, grumbling and also by attempting to hide our egos and responsible conscience behind these concepts and statements… When are we going to find a solution to this serious psychological problem?

Please stop complaining about Capitalism! Complain about yourself, not about concepts!

Am I wrong!?

(The whole text should not be misunderstood by assuming that I am also complaining about a concept which is conceptualization paradox. As you can sense, I am just trying to raise awareness and bring attention to this problem/paradox.)


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