An imperial insanity

An imperial insanity

This conversation is transcribed on the consideration of Bediuzzaman’s Book, The Words -Movements of Atoms.

You are going to witness a short conversation with some particular atoms and subatomic particles that are basically living in a human eye, a volcano, a broken concrete from earthquake, a mountain, a storm in Mediterranean Sea a smelly shoe, a space, Mars, structures in Pakistan or facilities in New York. I know you went bored. Yes, they are living in every single where even places that we cannot imagine. Do you think they are all connected? Have you ever aware that every atom and subatomic particle witnesses all these actions, wars, poverty, happiness, blessings, bliss, severe psychological problems that humans suffer, all these pointless activities, our stupid and insane Existential and Ontological issues, most importantly our denials, disaffirmations to God! Do you think that how they feel when somebody is complaining, blaming and denying God? Do not you think that these atoms are offended by these pointless actions? What if they suddenly become a conscious being and directly if they can talk? Since we are inside of the narrative, it can be possible, or they are already a conscious being. How can we believe this?

Do not we see the child growing like small plants, and then they both become a man and a tree. There are atoms working consciously on the command of Allah Almighty. The attached themselves to each other and create you and me and everything we can imagine. Just a simple activity you can do to analysis this and amaze yourself.

Go for a morning walk and see the plants and see yourself. Isn’t it funny and eye-opening that we are made up of single atoms, and they are still working on our being and these tall trees? What an amazing world this is? Do not you feel thankful to Allah Almighty after seeing all that?

If we consider as Bediuzzaman says, every atom will resurrect in the hereafter and gain consciousness and everlasting life. He also says that they have a mysterious memory in their little brain in this world as well. This story will help us to make empathy with the atoms and subatomic particles. Please do not anticipate any logic from this story. It is mainly a fiction story and invention of my brain.
Just grant your imagine wings
to taste extraordinary things
Let’s see the word on a macro scale
A particle of dust full of atoms dale
Just try to feel when we do misdeed
How that affects them and our being
Let’s fly across the sky
to discover new ideas of
harmony and trust
Love and Truth
Empathy and Sympathy
Everything you can imagine
Fly in yourself for one time
It is not a crime
Yet, you are afraid?
Do you know why?

A sluggish atom from the pink lily’s stomach was screaming due to some severe existential problems. Meanwhile, a group of people was drinking bad smelly drinks and complaining, blaming and throwing away all their hatred and enmities to God. The sluggish atom was beginning to think humans entrance to the earth from their mother’s womb and their ignorance that they are not aware of their purpose of existence. Meanwhile, a very polymath atom woke up and began to talk with the sluggish atom. These particles are very sensitive to human’s actions, they always listen and censure human’s behavior which people do not tune in (aware of) this situation. They even thought us as an inanimate beings said polymath one.

Sluggish atom asked to polymath atom:

Messire! Please tell me how can be the human being that much cruel, tyrant and grimmer?

What is the motive behind this sick psychology?

Our friend atom from Africa witness so much disease, poverty, scarcity and starving. People do not know we are all connected all over the universe if our friend atom or any subatomic particle is suffering from any illnesses -usually psychological problems- due to the human’s destructive actions, we are suffering and hearing from another side of the world. How ignorant people are, we measure time according to the movement of countless suns; they measure time by little machines in their small pockets, space is not space, we were sent to Earth and Sun to one who looks down from the Windows of the Milky Way, now tell me sluggish Atom how can we ever understand and make empathy with humans? Sluggish atom whispered silently: Maybe there are some people who make empathy with us. Polymath atom ignored this whisper and continued:

Never forget my lazy and idle fellow-atom:

Remembrance is a form of meeting and forgetfulness is a kind of freedom. Our Lord granted us this memory for divine purposes, please do not use this capacity for criticizing and evaluating human’s actions and behaviors.

Every atom and particle have one planet do not you know, yet humans live just in the mote of dust, they called Milky Way and killed themselves for just possessing a fraction of dust. We atoms have not lost our intelligence yet. All their notions, considerations and thoughts are to be appreciated by their breed.

They work in perfectly competitive and oligopoly markets and always impatience about everything.

They always blame and complain Capitalism as if Capitalism is a consciousness being; they even do this distinction and discrimination verbally. They separate countries with their Income and GDP and call them “Third world countries”. Never talk about poverty, scarcity, famine. They have no enough money to extract water from dry lands but somehow have money to search water in Mars. This such a sickness psychology my sluggish atom.

Inactive atom asks to the polymath atom:
Do not you so desperate, hopeless and forlorn about humans?
Polymath started to write a poem:
Did you take your medicines humanity?
While the city is inflaming the heart
An Atarax is needed in humanity
Did you take your medicines humanity?
Ever yeah
These are always the guilt of capitalism
We need to execute secularism
The human brain has become a total brain tumour!
Did you take your meds humanity?
In the meantime, scientists are trying to generate a super bomb from us to possess a speck of dust, said polymath atom to the sluggish atom glumly and continued:

Man is a wonderful creature
He sees through the layers
of fat (eyes)
hears through a bone (ears)
and speaks through a lump
of flesh (tongue)

Imam Ali


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